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Many great players have played for the Boston Celtics in the past. Sometimes they stay and sometimes they leave. Such is life in the NBA in the era of player empowerment: Players can switch teams in the blink of an eye. The Boston Celtics have a steady presence of talented players, but some of them end up leaving them for better situations.

A recent tweet showed how good some former Celtic players have it in their current situation. The Boston Celtics have had a lot of talent over the last couple of seasons, and it will be interesting to see how they find success despite leaving the Celtics. Often a change of scenery and an increase in contact can work wonders.

The former Celtics have had their ups and downs this season:

– Kyrie: 27.2 PPG – 6.0 APG – 4.8 RPG –
51 FG%.

– Hayward: 21.5 PPG – 3.9 APG – 5.4 RPG – 48 FG%.

– Rose bush: 20.5 PPG – 3.2 APG – 3.8 RPG – 49 FG%.

– Horford: 14.0 PPG – 3.5 APG – 6.7 RPG – 44 FG%.


– Hope Central (@TheHoopCentral) 8. March 2021

4. Al Horford

via Getty Images

Al Horford boasts averages of 14.0 PPG and 6.7 RPG in Oklahoma City, as well as solid defense and coaching from a young Oklahoma City team. Al Horford was considered injured after the loss against the Philadelphia 76ers, and it’s nice to see that the five-time All-Star is still not out of the game. He’s not what he was in his All-Star days, but he’s still capable of contributing. Al Horford originally left the Celtics to team up with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid in Philadelphia, but the deal didn’t materialize.

It’s hard to say if Al Horford will continue to play for the Thunder long term, but he has been a major contributor to the team this season. If he stays with the team, hopefully he can get younger and younger and continue to make an impact.

3. Terry Rosier

Terry Rozier has been one of the revelations of this season, putting up solid average numbers on a Charlotte Hornets team that could potentially make the playoffs. Terry Rozier was a big part of their run and became one of their top scorers with 20.5 PPG. While no one could have predicted how good Terry Rozier would become with the Hornets, it’s nice to see that he’s found a place to grow. He wouldn’t have gotten the contact he wanted with the Celtics, meaning he couldn’t have become the elite guard he is today.

After Terry Rozier left the Celtics in the 2019 offseason, Michael Jordan was a clown for giving him a big contract because people didn’t think Rozier was worth the money. GOAT seems to have an eye for talent. After all, he knows what a good basketball player looks like.

2. Gordon Hayward

credit : Getty Images

Gordon Hayward is another of Michael Jordan’s redevelopment projects. After Gordon Hayward’s horrific leg injury, many wondered if he could still be the same player. Hayward has shown signs of returning to form in the 2019-20 season. In the offseason, Michael Jordan took a risk with Hayward by acquiring him in a trade with the Boston Celtics and giving him an option for a higher commitment. Jordan has put his faith in Heyward, who is currently averaging 21.5 PPG, 5.4 RPG and 3.9 PPG. Those are All-Star caliber numbers.

The Charlotte Hornets were mediocre until recently, but thanks to some smart moves by GOAT, they are now a potential playoff team. Gordon Hayward is a great driving force, and Michael Jordan knows he was worth every penny. The Boston Celtics could use a player like Gordon Hayward just fine, but he wouldn’t get the big offensive role he wants in Boston.

1. Kyrie Irving

(via CBS Country)

Kyrie Irving has always been one of the best point guards in the league. Transferred from Cleveland to Boston, Kyrie Irving was supposed to lead the Boston Celtics to the promised land. It didn’t happen, but sometimes it’s just a matter of fitness, and Kyrie Irving left the Celtics at the end of the 2018-19 season. Kyrie Irving has shown this year that he is still one of the best point guards and scorers in the league: 27.2 PPG, 4.8 RPG, and 6.0 APG. If Irving wasn’t on a team with two other superstars, he’d probably be an MVP candidate.

Kyrie Irving is certainly not questioning his decision to leave the Boston Celtics. It took a while, but Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are finally on the court together this season and showing what they can do. On top of that, they even managed to get James Harden on the team. Kyrie Irving’s departure from the Boston Celtics has been good for the point guard, as evidenced this season.


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