Michael Porter Jr. is ready to do more than just fill the void left by the departure of key winger Jerami Grant and Torrey Craig to Denver.

The sophomore striker is not only ready to become a full-fledged starter, but also believes he’s ready to become the third star that Jamal Murray and Nikola Yokich need.

Yes, that’s right, Porter said when asked if he could be the second or third top scorer of the team.

I want to be one of the best players, Porter added later. And I want to be protected by the best players on the other team.

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Tim Connally, president of Nugget’s Basketball operations, said it was a bad secret that Nugget’s Porter had to take a big step forward this season. They lost Grant’s versatility, especially in defence, when the vanguard signed a contract with the Detroit Pistons. And Craig, one of the other defenders of the team, signed a contract with the Milwaukee Bucks.

After the 2018-19 season, which followed back surgery, Porter’s season started only hesitantly with the rookie season. Porter came to the start due to injuries and shone in an NBA rematch in Orlando, Florida. After 22,0 points, 8,6 rebounds, 1,6 assists and one stalk in seven games, he was named after the second team of the Games in the category Queen.

He started three games at the end of the season and was not consistent with an average of 11.4 points and 6.7 rebounds. But the experience of playing 23.7 minutes in the playoffs for the team that made two historic 3-1 series comebacks to reach the final of the Western Conference was incredibly valuable.

Somehow I’ve seen it all in the past year, Porter said. We played the playoffs with LeBron [James], I played against Kavi [Leonard], Paul George, all the best players in my place. So I feel like I have an experience this season that I didn’t have last year when I played my first year.

I made the transition from the DNP to the finals of the Western Playoff Conference, Porter added. I’ve learned a lot in one year, and I’d like to carry it over to this year. I want to make a big leap. I’ve worked hard in all the areas where I saw that improvements were needed in the playoffs. I’m excited and I feel ready.

Nugget’s coach Michael Malone said that the starting points of the shooting range, the small and strong striker, have yet to be determined, but he believes Porter can make a big leap.

I think he did very well in those 19 playoff games where he had the chance to play against Orlando, Malone said. And I think Michael Porter has a chance to be the talent of the whole competition and I’m looking forward to what he can do this year.

Veteran Will Burton, who left a bladder due to a knee injury before sowing, said he was feeling better and said he didn’t want to leave the bank.

I’m a rookie in this competition, Barton told reporters Friday. I think I’ve proven year after year that I’m one of the most consistent players in the NBA.

… I think it’s clear who I am in this competition.

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